Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A World Class Piece of Crap

I may have a concussion, so if this doesn't make complete sense, you will know why. To preface: All the expletives in the world can not express my absolute outrage over the events of the past few hours.

I was riding my bike today with my dog. He does great on a bike. He knows not to run in front or behind the bike, but to stay next to me running at the same speed. And, he loves it. He gets to run and run and run. We made it within a block of our destination. I was in the street of a two lane busy street and he was up on the sidewalk.

Everything was fine - until a big dog came out of the parking lot we were riding/running past. My dog got a little nervous, and I tried to keep him running, but it was too late. He stopped. Of course, if he stops and I'm holding his leash, I stop!

I flew into traffic! It was nothing short of a miracle that no cars were driving past as I flew from my bike next to the sidewalk, past one lane of traffic into the far left lane and slid about 6 feet. Through my denim jacket with sheepskin lining, and a long sleeve sweater both my arms were scratched nearly to the bone, my knees also. My cell phone flew with me and the front screen broke.

Sure, it was an accident. Bicyclists get into accidents all the time, particularly when you are holding a leash and a small dog is trailing you. But, there exist leash laws for a reason - and this is one of them. On the other hand, I allow my dog off a leash at times too, but I also watch him and my surroundings at all times - and if my dog causes a problem, an accident or a potential car pileup, I don't scurry away with my tail between my legs.

I was a bit disorientated after my fall. I saw the bright lights of the 8 cars stopped because I was lying in the middle of the road. I heard my dog whining and felt him licking my face nudging me up. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man hiding against the building next to the parking lot, and softly calling: "Parker" which I can only assume was the name of his huge gi-normous black dog that caused the accident in the first place!

I got up, assured those stopped in their cars I was OK, pulled my bike up onto the sidewalk, and saw the jackass skimping off. I started walking after him yelling, "Hey! Hey!" He kept going, not even turning around. "I know you can hear me - STOP!"

He turned around the corner, but I was just behind him. I turned around the corner and he was gone. There was no where he could have been, I looked around for a minute, and not seeing him I decided to give it up. I turned back around and started heading towards my bike - but I was too infuriated. I started back in his direction again, and there he was coming out of the bushes! I started running after him; he also started running - away from me! I kept yelling, "Hey! Hey! Hey!" He turned another corner. When I rounded the corner, again he was gone. I looked behind the bushes but I didn't see him anywhere.

There were several apartments here, and there was a chance he entered one, although I was sure he was just hiding again. What a world class piece of trash! I was so infuriated and I couldn't stomach chasing after this pathetic loser anymore! I screamed loud enough for the whole block to hear: "Come out here you stupid, worthless coward!" No sight of him... "You freaking pathetic excuse for a human being - I can't believe you! I hope you sleep at night knowing you left me in the middle of the road!" And just for good measure, "Put your freaking dog on a leash!"

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Heather said...

OH MY GOSH! Catherine! are you alright!? i can't believe you chased after him! you are soo funny! i am going to call you RIGHT NOW to see if you are alright!

LOVE you! i am glad nothing more, then scraped body! i am soo sorry!