Monday, November 5, 2007

Petty Testosterone

Because I don't neglect my dog, contrary to what some fat lady told me on the corner the other day just because he loves people and was excited she was petting him, I often take him to work with me.

My path to work leads us by a leashless dog park which we typically stop by as a daily routine. Today though I was in a hurry, and I had an appointment I had to make it to, so I didn't intend to stop but there was a cute little dog playing alone, off his leash and my doggie so badly wanted to play with him. So, while still on his leash I let them tussle a bit and finally I decided it was wrong to deprive him so I announced quite loudly, "C'mere doggie, I will take you off your leash!"

Those two went crazy! They were having soooooooooooooooo much fun, it was adorable. If you have a dog, and you are a decent person, you will know that it is a common practice for dog owners to make small talk while their dogs are playing. So, I proceeded to ask the guy how old his dog was. He ignored me, so I thought maybe he didn't hear me because he was a short distance away, so I asked louder. There is no question if he heard me or not, unless he was deaf, which I came to learn in a few seconds was not the case so he ignored me again and began walking away from me. By this point our dogs were running in huge circles all over the park. He began chasing after his dog, in what appeared was his attempt at still looking suave while I watched amused.

After many failed attempts to call his dog and reign him in, he made a lunge but his dog evaded him and instead he plummeted to the ground. This clearly upset his frail self-esteem and he screeched at me, "Lady! Call your ******* dog!!!!!!!!!!!" I ignored him for a minute, but then I got really enraged when he screeched at me again, and I said, "Listen don't yell at me because you can't control your dog!"

I was infuriated! What nerve! Are you kidding me, so I yelled again, "Don't ever, ever talk to me like that ever again!" with special emphasis on ever! He responded, "You are the one who took your dog off his leash in the first place!" I retorted, "You freaking idiot! This is a LEASHLESS DOG PARK!" Even though as he scurried away he mumbled under his breath like a 2 year old, "Nuh uh". Even these fools know what to do at a dog park!

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Heather said...

OH my! what a JERK! i am sorry! that sucks! and, that is soo super nice of you to go to a leashless park for your baby to play! for real. what the CRAP was his problem!? my heavens!