Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazies work here too!

I can only assume, based on my experience that because the downtown area is full of crazies, it is a prerequisite to working downtown that you must be a crazie also.

I have an issue with my car. When I make a sharp turn to parallel park, or complete a U-turn I hear a clicking noise. In addition to that when I am driving highway speeds and I press on the brakes my steering wheel shakes. Obviously, something is wrong. I took my car into LES SCHWAB on NW 19th! 3 times before they finally agreed that something was wrong.
I'm not sure why I kept taking it back.
Finally, on my 4th trip they determined that the rear wheel bearing needed replacement. It would take 2 weeks to fix - we had company so we asked if the car was safe to drive. The mechanic said, verbatim: "If my brother wanted to drive around with your car and his wife and two friends and a baby, I would break his arm."

Well great! I've been driving around on this car for months - during which you kept telling me nothing was wrong!

So it was fixed. I was a bit skeptical so when I went in to pick up the car I asked for a detailed explanation of what was done on the car considering my previous experiences. The chavanist at the front desk told me, verbatim: "We did whatever you asked us to do." I said, "And, what was that?" He replied, "It's all here," pointing to a sheet of paper. I responded, "Did you balance the tires?" He answered, "Did you ask us to?"

I took the car and left. Now, it's about a month later. The wheel is no longer shaking, but it's still making a clicking noise when turning.
I called LES SCHWAB again - why? I'm stupid!
When I called I started to explain my problem and they guy who answered the phone, probably the same chavanist who returned my car previously told me he didn't need to hear the problem, he already knew what the problem was! and referred me to Kyle. He was actually very helpful. I told him the problem, and I told him my reservations about returning - he was very clear that he wanted to earn our business so I decided to give them one more try.

I couldn't make my appointment at 11:00 for the next day, so about 10 after I called and Danielle answered the phone. I began explaining, "Hi, I had an appointment at 11, and I am obviously late..." .... .... .... She hung up on me. Maybe it was a mistake, so I called back. I tried something else, "Hi, I had an appointment today and I wanted to reschedule because I am late and..." ... ... ... Okay, this time it wasn't a coincidence. I called back, fully ready to confront her! But Jason answered this time - I rescheduled and then I asked if they were having difficulties with their phone system. They weren't, so I asked who the woman was who answered the phone before him, and told him that she hung up on me twice! He paused for a minute, and then said, "Oh... yeah."

You can argue that maybe it's me. I may come across a bit rude and snobbish in my retelling of my experiences, and that may lead you to believe that I act in the same way in my interaction with businesses and their employees! But! the customer is always right! And I don't act that way in person.

Anyway, I'm calling the Manager Joe on Monday, and they lost my business for the last time! This time for real!

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Heather said...

i AM sooo sorry! that is the worst! i hate that kirk doesn't know anything about cars. because then we get ripped over and over and over again like that! trust me. we have had MORE car troubles since we moved here, then we ever have BOTH combined in our LIVES!

it is RIDICULOUS! i totally understand. and, what the HELL was UP with that girl hanging up on you!? i would have been FURIOUS!!! i am SOO glad you are calling manager joe, and i hope you let him know that you will make Sure to SPREAD the word about their "WONDERFUL way of handling customers!"

anyways, good luck! You are the best! i LOVE that you stick up for yourself.