Friday, November 23, 2007

This Blog Should Be Titled: Adventures & Mishaps With My Dog

Now that I have recovered from my accident, I feel up to retelling my McDonald's story. Also, I should confess a small misrepresentation about my accident blog: Although I did have many scrapes and bruises on both my knees and elbows - it wasn't exactly "nearly to the bone"...

Now: For purposes of clarification, because I don't neglect my doggie - on another occasion that I had my little doggie with me walking home from work, I needed to stop by McDonalds to drop off a movie we rented at the RedBox. (This is starting to sound like a pay per post, but unfortunately my bank account is not benefiting from me writing about my mishaps - and I need money desperately (I don't want money, I need money!)) Anyway, Redbox is relatively simple - You hit return DVD, slip your DVD into the slot and leave. A feat easily accomplished in less then 10 seconds - a short enough amount of time that my obedient little doggie is able to sit still for.

I had not stepped into the store more than a foot before a McDonalds Servant began shouting at me: "Get Your Dog Out of Here! NO DOGS, NO DOGS!"

The last thing I said calmly was, "I'm just returning a DVD."

"I don't care, NO DOGS!"

"And what exactly am I supposed to do with him?"

"I don't care - tie him up outside!"

"I'm not tying him up out there with all those bums - he'll get stolen! I'll only be a few seconds!"

"No you won't - Get your dog out of here right now!"

At this point one of the other customers came up and offered to watch my dog outside while I returned my DVD. I wish instead that I had thrown the DVD at him, but as I mentioned my lack of money I didn't want to be charged $25 for the DVD! So, I allowed the nice man to take my doggie outside while I returned the DVD.

Because I regretted my decision not to throw the DVD at him, I came home and wrote a letter to the McDonalds franchise and to McDonalds Corporation highlighting the events of the evening emphasizing their supposed commitment to the community, yet lack of basic manners to their customers. This is what we call a paradox.

A few days later I got a call from the McDonalds store offering me and my family free dinner - whatever we wanted, and we could bring our dog so that he could dine with us. Check back tomorrow and I'll scan a picture of our lovely evening at the McDonalds restaurant.

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