Friday, January 4, 2008

Unholy Ground

Unbeknown to me, apparently I live in the exact spot in which the dead rise back to life in zombie form.

I came upon this knowledge when a certain spiritual vagrant was standing on my door stoop shouting. My townhouse used to be a breeding ground for the evil. Whomever lived here previously, would decapitate people and use their severed bodies for worship and ritual. Now, we have arrived at the time in which these severed bodies will reclaim their right to their bodies and wreck havoc upon those who mutilated them.

Interestingly, I have heard voices in my apartment when I was alone. Creepy huh? It may have been the TV, or a window open - but I heard them. Also! Several of my pictures have been turned slightly!!! It may be the WWF going on upstairs, but they moved - no doubt about it!