Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Because You Care!

I've been out of town for the past two weeks, but I'm sure I'll have interesting stories to tell about the pathetics of Ptown promptly!

In another downtown locale I found myself in the Red Light District. I thought that was just a place dreamed up in tinseltown; silly me!

All I wanted to do was find a restaurant and a new pair of jeans. I was trying to look chic, or just tall in jeans and a pair of heels, but that novel idea outlasted the actual proliferation by an immense ratio. Around one street corner I found myself staring down a big street, full of doorways, and red light bulbs illuminating their shadows.

Halfway down the street I saw two bums fighting over a $7 price tag (zero's purposefully and intentionally omited, so yes, just $7). We figured this was heading no where enlightening, so we turned around just before reaching a toothless streetwalker who found us amusing. She followed us for two blocks taunting us: "Found yourself in the ghetto, did you? That's right... Turn around, turn around, turn your pretty little faces around and get going... You don't belong here with all of us... Scared?... " Imagine a little bit of snickering tucked in as well.

Actually, I will admit that I was impressed with her diction.

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Heather said...

Holy crap! that sounds awful!! i am so sorry! Did you say you found those cute jeans and some cute shoes!?

You have some interesting encounters! crazy!!