Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Entrepreneurs with a Fro

I was solicited outside a grocery story today by an artist. He really, really wanted to show me his drawings... he said, "it would really make him happy."

I said, "Why?"

He is trying to sell them. They are "awesome" circles and black dots and lines on lined college rule paper. He is only selling them for $1 and $2 each. I should have just bought one to scan in.

I said I didn't have any cash. Of all the things I could have used as an excuse, I felt bad. I might as well have said, "They are terrible."

As I started walking away, I turned back. "Have you tried Craigslist?"

No, thank you, he replies. I think he thought I was trying to invite him someplace.

I took a step closer and said again, "Have you tried selling them on Craigslist?"

"No. I don't have a camera."

"You could use the public libraries scanner."

"No. I don't want to."


Gabriel Olson said...

I love these tales of city life!I ran into a guy today who didn't have enough money bus far. He needed a dollar. I rarely have any money on me, but I did happen to have 27 cents in my pocket today. I gave that to him and told him sorry that was all I had. He looked very dissapointed as I walked away. Later I found that I did actually have a couple of bucks hiding in my wallet. I felt bad.

I'm Kitty! said...

I would have stopped feeling bad when he stopped acting grateful for the jesture you did make! Ungrateful homeless!

Gabriel Olson said...

I don't think he was homeless. I think he was actually short on money to take the bus where he needed to go. Thusly, I felt bad for not helping him out.

On that note. I NEVER have any money on me. And I always feel like people think I am a liar when they ask me for money and I don't have any.

That being said. I was thinking about it today. If people asking for money got a dollar every time they simply asked for one. There would not be room on the streets to stand for all the people begging.

Kind of feel bad for saying that. I would like to be a more generous person.

I'm Kitty! said...

I was on the trolley today and I saw someone begging to each person when they got off, and everytime someone said no, she rolled her eyes and acted really mad.