Sunday, September 21, 2008

Give it Up

I was walking with the pooches on a typically singular, forested trail in the middle of the city. We felt a bit adventurous, and because we had walked this trail an irregular number of times, we decided to check out all the side diversions along the path.

Now, supposedly this trail goes on and on and on for many several miles yet I have never been able to find the continuation of this trail after a certain point. Today just as we were nearing the point of confusion, I found a tributary of the main path.

Remember that publication I was telling you about, provided to and for the hobo's of this fair city to sell for profit? In a recent issue there was an article discussing a new bill passing through congress about providing the bums with camping spots throughout the city. (I won't go into this.....)

I'm kind of giving away the ending, but yes, off the path was a couple of vagrants - camping. I was a bit surprised and shocked, not expecting this little present of course. I wish now that I had continued on to see if the trail continued, but I actually thought that I shouldn't interrupt them!! Due to this lapse in judgment I have no further details to offer, except that their smell did precede the actual visual.

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