Friday, May 16, 2008

What Purpose?

You may ask yourself, "Why do you continue to give business to McDonalds?"

The answer is simple. While we can justify no longer having an excess $17.99 to pay for Netflix each month for unlimited movies, we can justify $1 every night to pay for a Redbox movie. There are three free advertising commercial plugs that I am not getting a penny for.

WaMu (#4) was giving free lemonade on this ignited summer day, and with my empty paper cup I asked if McDo would fill it up with water!

"Yes, 10 cents please!"

"10 cents? Isn't the 10 cents for the cup?


"But I have a cup, I just need water in it," I motioned feasibly with my hands.

"Still 10 cents!"

So I hollered at the manager who no doubt remembers me from the time he yelled at me with my dogs, and the time he consequently had to grovel at my feet for telling the owner and McDonalds corporation.

He allowed me to have a tiny sip of water for free... oh the grace of his gesture!

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