Friday, May 30, 2008


So, I was just telling my old man the other day how curious I was at the lack of recent interaction with hobo's has been in terms of them harassing me rudely while I was talking on the phone.

Well, no need to fret any longer.

I took my dogs to the park this week to enjoy the sunshine, and as soon as we entered the leashless area, another dog ran up to greet them. They played for a moment, while a sidelined hobo gave commentary.

"Beebel bum...." he murmured.

What I asked? My first mistake; rule #1: Never engage! I should have known better!

"It's a circus!" he repeated.

I rolled my eyes, and gave that type of smile that's really more like an upside down frown and began walking away. Meanwhile, I'm on the phone. Actually, I'm just on hold but I'm the only one privy to this tiny detail.

He snarks me before I'm too far ahead of him and says, "Can I ask you a favor?"

See, a favor indicates give and take followed up with another give back - but when a hobo is involved it denigrates into simply a give. So what he should have said was, "Can I hit you up for something free?"

I rolled my eyes again, and vocalized my most perturbed annoyed voice, "I'm ON theee phhoneeuh!!!"

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