Saturday, March 1, 2008

Monkey Business

There is a stairwell at the top of my building that goes no where but to the top of the roof. And no one has access to the top of the roof. No one but the hobo that spilled yellow nail polish all over the hardwood stairs, and is apparently living up there.

I now know where she hid the clothes she stripped off as she was running from and screaming at me when I encountered her in the hall.

Fortunately we had another chance meeting on the train. See, the train is free downtown so it serves a double purpose. Entertainment for me, and a free ride for every one else. She stood outside the train, tore off her jacket, and from outside threw it onto the train. Then, she long jumped after it onto the train. Once she retrieved it, she screamed and threw it away from herself off of the train.

This went on for a few more times before the conductor came out to see the show. At this point she decided it would be fun to start climbing the pole in the center of the train and show every one her dirty stained panties.

I only wish that she had yelled, in a squirrel like voice, "Hoobastank!"

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Hallenbergers said...

LOL that is funny and would have been a great site! You left a comment on my page and I was just wondering how you got to my page? ANyway have a good one!