Friday, March 14, 2008

Breaking Up

So, while it's never easy to end a relationship - I've never quite heard it put this way before.

While walking to work I overheard a girl on her cell phone screaming, "So, are we together or not?"
"Fine, then it's over!"

This has prompted my curiosity to hold a contest. Post your breakup stories as comments to this blog by March 31; this gives you two and a half weeks to enter. Everyone will vote for their favorite by way of polling once the contest ends; I will add a poll to my blog, that's how it works.
The most unusual breakup story will win.... wait for it.... well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Once I get my first comment/breakup story I will unveil what the prize will be!
Happy sweeps!


Benj said...

Here's the best one that I have ever heard of. I knew a guy who was dating a girl. He was a high school senior at the time - 17 years old. Later on he found out that the girl he was dating had lied about her age and she was actually 13. Of course that part of the story made perfect sense as he told the rest of the story.

I guess they had been dating for a couple of months and he thought he knew the girl fairly well. On one final occasion he recounted that they were going somewhere and he had picked her up in his car. As they were driving down the street, to his utter amazement, she got this funny smile on her face and proceeded to grab her feet and pull them up into the air. After assuming the position she trumpeted out a large flatus and started giggling hysterically.

Up until this point I have not gotten to the point of the story which is of course the breakup. This is how it ended so to speak. My friend looked over at her from the driver's seat without even cracking the least bit of a smile. He slammed on the brakes as he pulled over to the side and uttered one word, OUT! She got out, he reached over and pulled the door shut and sped away.

According to him he never spoke to or saw her ever again. It wasn't until later that he heard through the grapevine that the girl had been so young.

Gabriel Olson said...

That is quite the story Ben. Was the guy you knew you?

benj said...

haha, I actually thought about that as I was finishing up the post. Unfortunately no, I can't claim this perfect example of quick decision making. It was a missionary companion that I had by the name of Bowerbank.

I'm Kitty! said...

Excellent! This is a wonderful story - keep them coming! We've only got 10 days left!
The prize will be.... a stained spacemountainman t-shirt, a lighter, a book, a used backpack... bascially all the things you would need to attract your own attention from the downtown hobo's!

Carol Smith said...

I wish I was cool and had a good break up story - but I dont. Although I dated a guy for almost 2 years never staying with him longer than 2 months at a time. a week or two would pass and i'd make new promises.... on and on and on... for TWO YEARS!! I recently looked him up on myspace and was pleased to see he just got married. Oh how the "Oh man - I perminantly broke him" feeling lifted. It was great. Yeah - I guess more than anything that just shows how shallow I am. So will I be getting a homemade cheesecake with that used backpack?