Monday, February 4, 2008

Never Nude

I really love to ride the trolley. Other people who love to ride the trolley, also love to take up two seats, talk to other people who are reading books, demand directions, and request lifelong commitments from unsuspecting individuals.

But a first for me, was seeing my very first never nude. My only regret was not introducing myself and making my own lifelong commitment.

This "person" had on steel toe boots (a must for any vagrant) over black nylons with zero runs in them! Beautiful! I wasn't sure from there if this person was sporting pants or not, because from there I only saw the itty bitty like black trench coat buttoned up to the collar with a matching black fur round cap atop stringy platinum blonde shoulder length hair. My ride wasn't yet complete when our never nude stepped off the bus and bent over before entering "Max's" revealing his teeney weeney cut off denim shorts!

I was so excited!

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