Saturday, February 9, 2008

Emergency at the Mazatlan

We went out for lunch a few days ago at a restaurant right in the thick of downtown off a heavy populated busy street. We decided on this locale because the back of our Fred Meyer reciept hosted an $8 off coupon. Despite the discount, I wouldn't recommend it: dirty dining, bad service, bad food, and subsequent bad tummy aches!!

After we decided against finishing our meal and then had to search the restaurant to track down our server, we waited for our bill in the reception area taking a gander at the host desk. We saw there your usual host items, menus, seating charts, restaurant layout, schedule, but the item which stood out the most, in big bold sharpie letters, covering at least 1/4 of the desk read: NON-POLICE EMERGENCY NUMBER ... ... ..... !

The service may be horrendous, but at least they've got their priorities in line!

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