Friday, November 7, 2008

Spread the Wealth

2008 held many firsts for many people. One of my firsts was that I went to a pumpkin patch. It was crazy fun; we saw the Lock Ness Monster and rode a train. The old man ate a hot dog, and when that happens everyone's day is a little better.

The pumpkin I picked out was beautiful. It was a striped and speckled white and orange pumpkin, fat and round, and brought sunshine to my life everyday that I walked out my front door.

Yesterday, I was gone for 13 hours volunteering. When I came back, my pumpkin was gone.
The hobo left one of my pumpkins, a traditional orange one that I love just as much, but they stole my spotted owl. I call it stealing, maybe you call it spreading the wealth around.

Does Barack Obama advocate stealing pumpkins? He advocates volunteering. In fact Barack Obama says he will force everyone to volunteer. He will take away your freedom unless you volunteer; not take away your pumpkins. I volunteered and it's not even inaguration day yet, so why did some bum spread my pumpkins around?

No one stole my pumpkin last year. It was 100 pounds. No one stole it I presume because they physically couldn't.
If they could have, I'm sure they would have.

(Check out those awesome leaves! Oh yeah!)


Gabriel Olson said...

Better get used to it. Your hard earned pumpkins now belong to the collective. It's not fair that you should have two pumpkins when there are hobos roaming around who have none.

Benj and Melinda said...

I love your pumpkin drawing. The leaves are impressive! Sad about the pumpkin. Stupid people :-(.

So I hear from the blog grapevine you are leaving us!? We will miss the hobo stories.