Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'll tell you the perk of living downtown:

When you open your window on a clear, cloudless, beautifully warm evening to both appreciate the weather and allow some fresh air to seep into your home after weeks and months of being shut-in - you are only greeted by the stale stench of hobo urine wafting in from the side of your building that the drunk used as a makeshift toilet because he's either too drunk or too lazy to mozy down to the public toilets installed for the express purpose of providing a place for the hobo to do his business. I guess they reserve those for defecation only.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone with, or without a toilet to piss in!

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Breanne said...

In Bisbee Arizona they have a wall that has a picture of a man peeing with a circle around it and a line through it. Everyone (namely Clint) calls it the "No Peeing Wall". It is really funny that people have to be asked to not pee in or on public property. Craziness!!!