Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sherlock Holmes

The other day me and my hubby were walking around town, when we happened upon a wandering dog taking care of business on the little patch of grass on the sidewalk.

It's owner was hiding in the hedges in front of the apartment building nearby. She had found a little crack between two hedges, between which she positioned herself, presumably in order to keep an eye on her dog, but pretend to be invisible to other humans.

It wasn't working; we could see her from 2 blocks away. We ignored her.

As we approached, our respective dogs greeted one another. Suddenly from behind us we heard her exclaim, "Boo!" and began giggling uncontrollably!

"Did I scare you? Did I? Did I?"

"You got me," I admitted.

Picture Sherlock Holmes of the female variety and you can imagine what she looked like. She was average height, 40's, detective hat, frock shawl, khaki shirt and button up shirt. I even think she was smoking a pipe.

On our way back home later, we encountered her again sifting through the grass on someones lawn. Sifting, inspecting, smoking, call it what you will, but she was on the ground, her nose in the grass picking up and inspecting each individual shred of grass.

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