Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parking Spot

I'm the one that leaves the note on your windshield that tells you what a pathetic job you did of parking your vehicle, and how you can improve your parking skills to allow for one more car to fit parallel on a street which only you thought you had rights to.

I'm not the one who stands on their front porch and ensures that people park correctly.

That lady lives on Irving between 19th and 20th. She stood on her porch today yelling, "You move forward," illustrated by pushing her hands and arms directly in front of her cutting through the air swiftly.

"You move forward!" She shakes her head disapprovingly.

With more force this time, she cuts the air again but this time fans her fingers wide apart to accentuate her prerogative.

By this time the driver was well on his way to getting out of his vehicle clearly satisfied with his parking job. He was still 2 inches distance from the start of the yellow fire marking.

She left the sanctity of her porch to interpret for him.
"You move forward!" and placed her hand this time on top of the hood of the vehicle and cut the air until she reached the point where the yellow curb marking began. "See? You move forward!"

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