Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Goblins!

I got a call from a very disgruntled woman at work today, and bless her heart she tried with all her might to sound terrifying and bossy, and in her attempt to antagonize me all she accomplished was to get made fun of on my blog! I almost feel bad for her.

The conversation went as follows - the initials representing her will be OFL, (Old Feeble Lady) and my initial will be K, (Kitty):

OFL: "I demand to know the name and phone number of the owner of your company!"
This info is pretty much common knowledge, especially considering the fact that she had enough prowess to find my name and number...

K: "Sure, I would be happy to give you that information."
It's always been my policy when people misdirect their frustration and anger, to help them out a bit by multiplying their initial agitation, so first I told her the name of the company, and then I followed up with:
"However, I will just need to verify who you are."
Any one else, even mildly adept could have taken the name of the company and located its telephone number, but I won't blatantly insult her further by stating her inadequacies and failures for the entire web.

OFL: "Just give me the phone number!"

K: "Okay, but like I said, I just need to verify who you are."
What's more, is that she didn't even make up a name so that I would stop taunting her!

OFL: "Oh, just tell me me! 503 - then what!!"

K: "Yes, it starts with 503, and I would be happy to tell you the rest if you just verify who you are."
Of course, I'm speaking totally facetiously allowing my voice to drip with all the honey it possesses.

OFL: "Fine, I'm calling with the FBI! Would you prefer that they call you instead?"


Gabriel Olson said...

Ahhh! The FBI lady is a classic!

Heather said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! i love that you are so calm,. i would have been like, OK whatever and told her everything! haha, you are the best! seriously! I WISH i had those guts you have... EVEN on the phone i am a WUSS!:O)